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A Week of Boondocking

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We can spend 21 days park to park, but to return to the same park we need to be "out of system" for a week before we can return. Time to boondock.

We spent the first night at the Love's Truck Stop #454.

We spent the last 3 nights at the wheelchair accessible Blue Creek Boat Launch. I just loved it.  Since we were, pretty much, the only ones camping, it was extremely quiet and pitch black at night. You couldn't see your hand in front of your face, it was that dark. If it wasn't super overcast, I bet that star gazing would be amazing. We'll have to go back again when weather is better.

The homeless couple living out of their car that was there 2 of the 3 nights that we were there left a bunch of trash in the firepit where they were parked. It's crap like that which ruins it for everyone.

We'll be spending tonight back at the Love's Truck Stop. The next time we do this I'll have to set up the camera for a time lapse of all the trucks that come and go. It's quite the busy place! The sound of the freeway and the trucks is like white nose to us and we end up sleeping pretty good.  Tomorrow we head to the Muffler Man to get the exhaust manifold fixed on the driver side. We had the passenger side fixed last November. Since he's closed tomorrow and our appointment is at the crack of dawn on Tuesday, we're planning on boondocking in their parking lot.