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A Sad Winter Solstice ~ Good Bye Jummah Kitty

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It is with great sadness we announce the parting of Jummah Kitty, Joyce's constant companion. Jummah Kitty was born February 7, 2007 in the Pacific Northwest. She was sent over the Rainbow Bridge on December 21, 2022 after a sudden development of congestive heart failure.

How She Came to be with Us

On May 28th, Don was asked to go to the local animal shelter to see if anyone had turned in our friends' lost dog, Valentine.  After learning she was not there, Don, with money in his pocket and lacking supervision, ventured to where the cats were.  A small black kitten with hidden stripes and a stunted tail did everything in her power to get his attention. He could not resist her enthusiasm and adpoted her on the spot.

When he returned to our friends' house where we were waiting, we were all pleasantly surprised to see the little ball of fur. Joyce had never owned a cat before and had never really spent a lot of time around any. Being adopted on a Friday, she decided to name her "Jummah", which is Friday in Arabic.

Growing Up

Jummah spent the first 11 years of her life on 2.5 acres of wooded property. Hunting, moles, shrews, little brown bats, birds and baby bunnies. She enjoyed soaking in the sunshine and eating grass. When a sad turn of events forced us to leave our beloved home, Jummah went along when we decided to get an RV and hit the road.

She was a very good RV kitty for the last 5 years of her life. Any time she escaped, she came right back within minutes.

During the last few days of her life she was having difficulty breathing. Thinking it was asthma, we brought her to an emergency vet who said it was water around her lungs due to heart disease (aka congestive heart failure).  Being that she was now almost 16 years of age, Joyce made the most difficult decision of her life and asked the veterinarian to send her over the Rainbow Bridge.

She will be part of a community cremation and her ashes scattered on an apple orchard. This is fitting as there were several apple trees on the property when she was growing up.