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2023 Is Being Weird

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If December wasn't rotten enough...on the 30th, the starter died on us. Luckily Kris came to our rescue. He put in a new starter lickity split and we were back on the road.

January 9th we went grocery shopping at Walmart. We went to leave and Jeannie wouldn't start. Again. Called Kris. He came out. Turned out that the starter was defective and partially melted the ignition switch. He and Don to go all the way from Chehalis to Tacoma to get a new switch.  By the time they got back it was late and Kris had to get home. 

The next day Don managed to squeeze under the RV, take out the defective starter and bring it back to O'Reilley's to exchange it for another one. He used my TravelScoot to get there and back. We figured this would save Kris time when he came back out.  He ended up having to work overtime and couldn't make it.  That night we got "The Knock" from Walmart security. Once I explained our situation they were cool with it and left us alone.  This is the first time we've ever gotten "The Knock" so I guess we're official RVers now.

Kris came back on the 11th and finished up the job. He's been such a hero for us. We were back on the road. The only problem is it was dark. With the head lights and windshield wipers running, the alternator was sounding remarkably worse.  Since we had to be out of the park for a week before we could return, we wanted to boondock for that week. With the alternator getting worse, I was too neurotic to wait to get it replaced and urged Don to call Muffler Man to see if they could fix it.

Luckily they had an availability today, our first day of boondocking. We also got lucky that the auto parts supplier had the right one in stock. Muffler Man fixed it lickity split and we were on our way for a new adventure. First night is being spent at the Love's Truck Stop in Napavine.  The next three nights we plan on staying at the Blue Creek Boat Launch in Toledo. It's free.