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2020 The Year of Suck

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Continued from the previous post.

The 2 events we were so looking forward to this summer have been canceled: The Long Beach Kite Festival and The Long Beach Rod Run.  Northwest Trek is by appointment only and they ran out of space as soon as it was announced that they were open and taking reservations. We found out about it too late.

Since Gary the Truck is being stupid, we canceled our trip to Paradise in Silver Creek and the first week of the 2 week trip to Seaside, Oregon.   Officials in Oregon are talking about implementing travel restrictions, so who knows. It's possible we won't be able to get into Oregon by then, either.  If we can't get into Seaside, we'll try and find a boondocking site somewhere in Long Beach for a few days. We want very badly to go to the Ocean again. We are in love with the Discovery Trail and want to go back. We can't get a reservation at the Long Beach Thousand Trails. It's a small park and hard to get into so that's why we'll try and find boondocking.

We went to a couple of the big box hardware stores, today, to get the supplies to build the back wall. We got screws, paint remover, Kilz primer, lubricant for the roll up door and things like that. Don got a small circular saw for dirt cheap. When the store only had the floor model left and it was missing the wrench, he was able to negotiate with the manager for a good price for the floor model.

So, we'll still be in Everett for another 10 days. Tomorrow it's supposed to rain, but then the rest of the time it's supposed to be in the mid 70's. Hoping to get the wall done and the problem with Gary sorted out. Keeping fingers crossed that we can still go to Seaside.

When we went to the big box stores, we avoided the freeway and took the surface streets. Gary does fine on the surface streets or when we don't have to go too far.

Wish us luck!