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PLACES WE'VE BOONDOCKED (Dry Camped/Overnight Parked)


Here's a list of places we boondocked (camped or stopped overnight with no hook ups).


December 2019

BLM Land off I-10 Exit 19 (Quartzsite, AZ)--Turn left at T off Riggles Rd.
Spent one night. Beautiful sunset. Some highway noise, but not too bad. No problems.

January 2020

BLM Land off I-10 Exit 19 (Quartzsite, AZ)--Turn right at T off Riggles Rd to the LTVA section. We were there for the big RV show. We stayed in both  El Paso North and El Paso South. We really enjoyed the Magic Circle in El Paso South the best. Had a ball. No problems in either the North or South sections.

February 2020

Horse Trail Trailhead, Hwy 88 (Apache Junction, AZ) about 9/10ths of a mile past marker 202 on the east side of the Hwy. GPS: 33.486552, -111.467494 Spent one night. There were people with a loud open contractors generator, a Class A with a very aggressive dog that barked a lot, tent campers with no porta-potty (ewwww--where were they going?) and someone starting their very loud truck at 4AM and letting it idle for quite a while before pulling out. We just didn't feel good about the transients, so moved to Bulldog Canyon OHV Trailhead just south of here.

Bulldog Canyon OHV Trailhead Gate, Hwy 88 (Apache Junction, AZ).  There are several different gates to the canyon. We were at the gate that is immediately south of Horse Trail Trailhead on the west side off Hwy 88. There were no signs saying, "No Overnight Parking" or "No Camping",  but we double checked with the ranger and was told that we were perfectly legal to camp there.  A couple of the local tour guides that came through tried to tell us that we were illegal and couldn't camp there. If we had not checked with the ranger we probably would have believed them. Lesson here is to *always* check with the local authorities.  We were told by the ranger that in the near future, camping won't be allowed. They will probably be putting up signs within the next couple of years.  We had the place entirely to ourselves. If you do stop here, please don't Bogart the parking lot. We pulled in next to the fence in the driveway before the circle so as to be out of the way as much as possible.


Bear River Casino (Loleta, CA)

Tachi Casino, CA (Lemoore, CA)

Russian River RV Resort (during California black-outs), Cloverdale, CA