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Our Video Equipment

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If you're just starting out vlogging, use what you have. That's what we did. We started out simply by using an iPhone 6S, an LG Pad, an old trusty Dell XPS420 desktop computer (that was a birthday gift to Joyce, back in 2007) a Solidex VT-86HQ tripod that we've had since the 80's and a Breeze Drone by Yuneec that we purchased in 2017 with funds from selling our personal property.  

Eventaully we acquired unwanted equipment from friends and family when they upgraded their devices or were no longer using.

We wish to thank the following donors for giving us their used equipment:


~Antoinette L.~

~Rick & Sherry S.~

~thedndexperience.com (Dennis N)~

~Folks like you, who use our affliate links, so we can purchase new equipment~