Disabled Nomads

Being disabled shouldn't mean you can't have fun, be happy and enjoy nature.


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This review is based on our experience and opinion. Your mileage may vary.

Short Version:

This is one of our favorite parks. Accessiblity is good (on the main level). Staff is wonderful. Park is clean and maintained. 4 stars for not having hand held shower wands in the showers,  hills too steep for wheelchairs and personal electric vehicles except from the main level, no store and no planned activities.

Long Version:

Site is hilly.

Main access roads are sprayed with an environmentally safe oily substance to stop the plume of dust that's normally kicked up by vehicles going over loose dirt and gravel roads. Other Thousand Trails/Encore Parks could benefit from doing same.

Accessibility is excellent on the main level of the campground. Site #35 is the only handicap site on this level. It's enormous, paved, level, right across from the rest rooms, showers, laundry and close to the sanitation station. It's also a nice straight shot to the main lodge. No WiFi.

The pool, sauna and spa are located at the lodge on the main level.  This lodge (along with sauna, pool and spa)  is closed during the off season. The lodge holds a lounge area with a big screen TV, pool table, and an "activity" section with tables and chairs for things like board games and jigsaw puzzles.  A WiFi hotspot is located in this lodge.

We had no difficulty using our personal elecric vehicles to get around and access any of the facilities at this lodge. 

Three more handicap sites are located up hill and surround the Timber Lodge: #72, #73, #74. Sites are huge, paved and level. We could not easily reach these with our electric vehicles from the main level. The Timber Lodge is the only Lodge open during the off season and closes in the evening. The only rest rooms available after night closure are the ones located across the road from handicap site #35 which is down the hill.

The Timber Lodge offers rest rooms, lounge with big screen TV, fireplace, tables and chairs for activities such as jigsaw puzzles, laptops, board games, etc. A WiFi hotspot is located in this lodge. WiFi is accessible from the handicap sites with the best reception at site #74.

Park is clean and maintained. There are no hand held shower wands in any of the showers. Overall, we recommend this park, just make sure you have your own rest room facilities in the evenings during the off season.