Disabled Nomads

Being disabled shouldn't mean you can't have fun, be happy and enjoy nature.

LONG BEACH RV & CAMPING RESORT (Thousand Trails) Seaview, Wa

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This review is based on ADA accessiblity,  our experience and opinion. Your mileage may vary.

Short Version:

We love this park!

Long Version:

The entire park is level with ramps going to all ammenities. Mobility scooters and wheelchairs will not have a problem getting around this park.

Bathrooms have hand held shower wands.  Ladies, be prepared to bring your own shower seat as there is one rest room that has a built-in seat and it's on the men's side. The other bathrooms have the shower wands, but no built-in seats. The problem is that, sadly,  the seats they were providing were growing legs that would "walk away".  :(

The pool and spa are small, but adequate. There is an ADA lift assist for the pool.

There are 2 trails to Discovery Trail and the beach from the park. They are not accessible if you use a scooter or wheelchair due to sand. Your best bet is to drive to the public access at 2nd St NE off Pacific Ave S in Long Beach ("Scoopers" is on the corner, you can't miss it).  Plenty of handicap parking available. The Kite Museum on 2nd St NE loans out "sand buggies". These are balloon tired chairs made of PVC that you can use to push the occupant through the sand and onto the beach. They also offer motorized ones. Our Triad Personal Electric Vechicles were able to get us to the water as long as we stayed on the hard packed sand.  Joyce's vehicle bit the dust on September 4th.

Discovery Trail is extremely fun if you have an electric bike or scooter. It's curvy with ups and downs. You'll have your work cut out for you if you're pushing a wheelchair. There is also a nice level boardwalk at 2nd St NE, perfect for power chairs, wheel chairs and scooters with information placards along the railing.